• Plentiful Functions

  • Non-destructive Design

  • Intelligent Induction

  • Easy & Fast Installation

  • Universal Application


Nexzsafe Comfort Access System for BMW

Nexzsafe Comfort Access System for BMW is based on keyless entry system and car alarm system, thus achieves a fantastic combination, perfectly provides you a safe, comfortable and intelligent experience. Only 20 minutes 3 processes, our users can achieve easy self-installation according to the guiding steps without professional mechanics. Nexzsafe is created with guaranteed quality, prominent functions, non-destructive design, easy installation and superior service.


·Comprehensive functions: 12 functions included. 

·Non-destructive Design: no changing original key; no replacing original handle; no affecting original warranty; no damaging original system. 

·Intelligent Induction: perform stably with strong anti-interference ability, free from weather and malicious signal interference. 

·Easy installation: takes only 20 minutes 3 processes to achieve self-installation according to the guiding steps without professional mechanics. 

·Universal Application: can be applied to BMW 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 series, X1, X3, X4, X5, X6, i3, i8 and Mini with F/G chassis and one-button start function.

Fucntion Display:

· Remote lock : When the key is 2 meters away from the car, the door will automatically lock; 

· Remote unlock: When the key is near the door in one meter range, the system will automatically unlock . 

· Automatic Window Closing : Door windows and sunroof will automatically close while locking the door. 

· Automatic Trunk Release: When the system is in anti-theft state, just close to the inducing fields and press the button of the trunk, trunk release will achieved without taking out the key. 

· Automatic Rearview Mirror Folding: Rearview mirror will fold automatically at the same time of window closing. 

· Monitoring Protection in Car: In the state of locking, ultrasonic automatically opens in-vehicle monitoring. When detects something is moving, forced ventilation function will perform automatically to prevent an accident, such as kid or pet is left in the car. 

· Car Door Abnormal Alarm: When the key is away from the car, if the doors or trunk is not well locked, there will be an alarm. 

· Engine Start Alarm: During the remote locking process, if the system detects the engine is on, there will be an alarm . 

· Door Opening Safety Reminder: Opening any door after parking, there will be an emergency flash to remind the front and rear vehicles, greatly improves the safety. 

· Key Left Reminder: When the driver leaves the car with the door locks well, if the system detects there is no locking warning tone, the car honks two times in 6 seconds to remind the owner. 

· Intelligent Radar Opening: When the car is in D-range position, original car radar opens automatically to monitor the surroundings and ensure driving security. 

· Car Searching: When the car is in anti-theft state, long press the lock button of the key for about 3 seconds, then there will be a flash and sound warning.

Vehicle Coverage:

·CAS SYSTEM: 5/6/7 series, M5/M6,X3/X4,5GT

·FEM SYSTEM: 1/2/3/4 series, M1/M2/M3/M4,3GT

·BDC1 SYSTEM:1/2 series,X1/X2,Mini 

·BDC2 SYSTEM: X5/X6,i3/i8 

·BDC3 SYSTEM:New X3, New 5/6/7 series


Limited one year warranty 

No Warranty Provided in Following Conditions:

-Warranty service is not Provided beyond the warranty period. 

-Product damage caused by incorrect installation or improper operation. 

-Self-modification, replacement of internal parts, and other man-made damage, etc. 

-Product damaged by natural disasters, accidents, infiltration of liquids, etc.


Nominal Voltage : 12V DC 

Operating Voltage : 9V-12V DC 

Operating Temperature : -40℃-85℃

Standby Current : ≤21mA 

Quiescent Current : ≤1.3mA 

Operating Frequency : 315MHz/434MHzPKE 

Sensing Distance : 1-3 meters 

Item Dimensions : 116*59*23mm

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