Comfort Access System

Comprehensive Functions, High-end Luxury Experience

Nexzsafe Comfort Access System for BMW is based on Keyless Entry System and Car Alarm System. The fantastic combination perfectly provides you with a safe, comfortable and intelligent experience.

Monitoring Protection In-Vehicle

The forced ventilation function automatically works once detects any motion to prevent an accident. 

Remote Lock 

Doors automatically lock when the key is 2 meters away from the car.

Remote Unlock 

When key is within 1.5 meters, doors automatically unlock .

Automatic Window Closing 

Windows and sunroof automatically close while locking the door. 

Automatic Rear Mirror Folding

Rear-view mirror folds automatically at the closure of the doors.

Automatic Trunk Release 

Close to the inducing fields, trunk release achieves without taking out the key.

Key Left Reminder 

If the system detects that the key has accidentally been left, the car honks to remind the owner.

Door Open Safety Reminder 

When opening any door after parking, an emergency light flashes to notify the front and rear vehicles.

Intelligent Radar Opening 

When the car is in D-range position, radar opens to monitor surrounding.

Car Searching 

Long press the lock button of the key for 5 seconds, there will be a flash and sound notification.

Car Door Abnormal Alarm 

If the doors or trunk is not well locked, an alarm will be triggered.

Engine Start Alarm

During the remote locking process, an alarm will be triggered when detects the engine is on. 

Automatic Window Closing

Windows and sunroof automatically close while locking instead of pressing the handle,greatly saves time and effectively avoids loss of property or damaging the car from bad weather.

Monitoring and Protection 

Forced ventilation function automatically works once the original ultrasonic system detects a child or pet is moving in the car, prevent an accident.

Key Left Reminder

When you leave the keys in the car, the system will detect and two honks will be triggered at an interval of 6 seconds, reminding the owner, thus this should not worry you.

Car Searching

Long press the lock button of the key for about 5 seconds, then there will be a flash and sound warning of the car to let the car owner find it conveniently. This makes it easy to find your car in a big parking lot.

Non-destructive Design

The only comfort access system which does not damage the original ultrasonic anti-theft system, which is very important for vehicle anti-theft security. Truly achieves non-destructive installation, able to resist malicious signal interference.

Intelligent Induction, Let Your Key Turn into a Smart One

No touching car handle. No pressing the key. Saving car owners from over reliance of the handle which can result in its shot life.

Easy Installation, Only 20 Minutes 3 Processes to Achieve Self-installation

No breaking circuit, protect the original vehicle equipment, make installation easier. 

No computer coding, avoid tedious process, save time. 

No professional mechanics, just install it according to guiding instruction whenever and whereever convenient.


Keyless Host Installation

Key Learning Process

Antennas Installation


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