The United States owns great vehicle power, theft of vehicles and the theft of property in the car are also serious national problems. According to the data released by the FBI, a car theft occurred every 25 seconds in the United States. The United States reports that more than 12 million cars have been lost each year, and theft of vehicles has also caused huge economic losses for car owners. According to the NICB, the annual loss of consumers exceeds $8.6 billion.

Why it is your car that becomes the target for theft? Statistics show that nearly half of the vehicles are stolen due to the driver’s negligence, such as leaving the car key in the car, forgetting to close all the windows and confirm all doors lock well. Such negligence undoubtedly gives criminals an opportunity. Your carelessness is one of the chief culprit.

Perhaps many car owners feel that their car has an anti-theft alarm system. However, is such an alarm system really reliable? Simple signal interference, maliciously cutting off the alarming wire can completely destroy the original alarm device, can you rely on it to protect your car anymore? Obviously, the answer is No.

So how can we avoid such incidents? How to avoid the negligence? How can we make the alarm system really work out? Such problems have also attracted more and more people’s attention.

In view of such safety hazards and the worries of car owners, there appears the carefully built device—Nexzsafe, which combines keyless entry system and car alarm system. It is such a product that does not damage the original system, or change any equipment of the original car, perfectly provides you with dual
protection and intelligent experience.

With Nexzsafe, you no longer have to worry about forgetting to close the windows, sunroof and doors. When the key is away in two meters, the doors will automatically lock, and at the same time, windows and sunroof automatically raise and close. If any car door or trunk is not locked well, or your key is left in the car, there will be an alarming sound to remind you in time, thus achieves real protection. With Nexzsafe, you don’t have to worry you car suffers from property stolen or rain/snow, and no need to be afraid that the original alarm device becomes “dumb”.