According to statistics, since 1998, 709 children have been dead in hot cars in the United States. There are always dozens of children who fall victim to this type of accident every year, occurring on average every 9 days. The same condition are not uncommon around the world, careless parents and caretakers have locked the children in the car and lead to the incidents of child deaths.

Behind every innocent smiling face of these children is the same culprit and tragic story, that is In-car Greenhouse Effect. Why is it particularly easy to heat people in the car?

The reason is very simple, because the car parked in the open air is a relatively closed space. The direct sunlight can cause the temperature inside the car to rise rapidly, and the high temperature state of a catastrophic accident can be achieved in a short period of time. American scientists have found that when the temperature reaches 35 ℃, the sun shines for 15 minutes, the temperature in the car can reach 65 ℃, half an hour later may kill people. Regardless of the outside air temperature, even in relatively cool weather, the initial temperature in the car is 22 ℃, and it will rise to 47 ℃ after one hour. Even if the window is opened, the car’s temperature can rise to disastrous levels.

At high temperatures, children’s temperature changes to the surrounding environment are much more sensitive than adults, their body temperature rises rapidly, and the proportion of water dispersion in the body is much larger. Locking children in the car in the summer is as dangerous as shutting them in a small, sealed sauna. Please pay attention, the tragedy can happen only in 15 minutes!

Many people are confident that they will never make such a foolish mistake, however, the hard truth is more than 87 percent of children are left in the car accidentally, only a few is due to ignorance. In short, you must realize that leaving a child alone in the car can happen to anyone, including you.

The tragedy warns people to pay much more attention to how to avoid the accident . One is supposed to inspect the vehicle carefully before leaving the car, and at this time, an alarm device is necessarily required which can remind there are children or pets left in the car and offer protection in time to prevent the tragedy from happening.

With this in mind, Nexzsafe comes into being to avoid the similar tragedy. Thus, there is a unique function added to Nexzsafe, that is Monitoring and Protection In-Vehicle. In the state of locking, ultrasonic automatically opens in-vehicle monitoring. When detects something is moving, forced ventilation function will perform automatically to prevent an accident, such as kid or pet is left in the car. We can not let every young lives over because of our careless. Safety comes first, Nexzsafe sincerely offers the safeguard.