The original key is within one meter range from the vehicle, but why doesn't it unlock automatically?

1. The original key did not learn the host. 

Solution: Press the key learning button of the host for about 3 seconds. The host sends out a prompt tone once a second, prompting the host into entering key learning state. Then place the key vertically on the host logo panel, there will be a prompt tone once a second until the tone stops. Take out the key, there will be a prompt tone once two seconds. Finally, put the key close to the door identification antenna, about 20-30 seconds, password detection will be successful, and the host will have a long sound. You are then good to go! 

2. The original key battery is seriously deficient. 

Solution: Open the original key back cover and replace the battery, it must be the original CR2450 or CR2032. 

3.The keyless host is in “Maintenance mode”. 

Solution: Press the “lock button” of the original key 5-8 times in 10 seconds, then the horn will prompt once to restore operating. 

4. Keyless host is in “sleep mode”.If the vehicle is not used for more than ten days, the host will automatically enter into sleep mode to reduce power consumption and protect the original car battery from draining. 

Solution: Close to the vehicle, press any button of the original car key to wake up the host and resume the function. 

5.The remote control signal has been strongly interfered. 

Solution: Use the original car key to open the door and move the vehicle away from the interference source.

The original key is within one meter range from the vehicle, but why is the automatic unlocking function unstable? 

Maybe there is something wrong with the original key (Key learning is correct, but automatic unlocking is unstable.) Solution: Learn another original car key and test again.

The original key is 2-3 meters away from the vehicle; however, the car cannot lock automatically, why? 

1. The original key left in car. (There will be three short prompt tones within 8 seconds after door closing.) 

Solution: Take away the car key. 

2. Any one of the doors does not perform an open or close action. 

Solution: Re-open, close any door or trunk lid, and the car will automatically lock after leaving.

The doors are automatically locked, but why the sunroof does not close automatically? 

1. Sunroof initialization data is lost (can be manually closed). 

Solution: the sunroof needs to be initialized, start the engine and manually close the sunroof, then keep the sunroof holding up. After about 30 seconds, the sunroof will automatically run, and finally, release the sunroof button after the running stops. 

2. Sunroof malfunction(neither can it be manually closed nor one-button closed). 

Solution: replace the fuse or remove the FZD module and let it sit for 30 minutes before loading it back to test again. (Removing the FZD module plug for more than 3 minutes may cause the FZD to crash).

The doors are automatically locked, and why are there three alarming tones?

1. One of the doors, the hood or the trunk lid is not closed well. 

Solution: check the exterior of the vehicle, re-close the door, hood or trunk lid. 

2. The engine is on. 

Solution: turn off the engine and switch.

Want to temporarily turn off the host function, what can I do?

Solution: start the engine and open driver’s side door, press the “unlocking button” of original key for 5-8times in 10 seconds, then the horn will prompts twice to enter the maintenance mode. ( Press the “locking button” of original key for 5-8 times in 10 seconds, then the horn prompts once to restore the function.)


Download (Update) Assistance

1. Download and install the “ CheckUpdate” software on a PC from Humzor official website (

2. Click the “Check Update” button to check if there is a new version for upgrade. 

3. If there is a new version, then click the “Download” button.

4. Connect NC501 to PC. In case of power fialure, press and hold any button of the tool to connect the USB cable until the sreen lights and appears” UPDATE MODE”.

5. Click the “EnumPort” button to list the serial port number of the current device.

6. Click the “Burn Software” button top start burning. Must wait the progress 100% completed, then can plug the device out.